Who We Are

          BreakTheQuo™ (“BTQ”) is a web-based student-led organization that aims to equip student leaders to engage with the community in a way they never have before. The purpose of BTQ is not merely youth development, but youth empowerment. The youth voice has become increasingly popular in the media and recent events; however it is rarely backed up by youth agency—by a real, tangible power for young people to get together and make a large scale impact on their own accord. BTQ aims to allow youth to do exactly this. BTQ is led by qualified student leaders from Jacksonville high schools to maintain a website aiding Jacksonville youth in professional and career development and connect them with local governmental, business, and non-profit organizations.


          Young people are best suited to reach out to their fellow students because they have a complete and current understanding of the student experience. There seems to be an unspoken belief that young people do not know what is best for themselves, and while that position is not completely false, we believe students have very legitimate concerns, interests, demands, and ideas. Students can, and should, add to the dialogue that influences the decision-making processes of this city. Likewise, they can, and should decide what resources need to be made accessible to students in order to maximize their potential for success. We represent the youth voice, a voice that will resonate with students across Jacksonville and a voice that we hope, and trust, community leaders will listen to. Students constitute the future leaders of tomorrow, leaders who we want to be socially conscious, community orientated, and constantly attentive to the youth perspective.

 Target Population

This website specifically seeks to serve the following three groups of students, listed in order of priority:

1.     Students across Jacksonville

  • BTQ will  put together resources for students across Jacksonville.
  • BTQ student leaders will create BTQ clubs in their respective schools

2.     Disadvantaged students

  • BTQ will organize events, mostly through partnerships with other nonprofits, to reach out to disadvantaged groups of students, usually younger students.  Common activities will involve teaching, coaching, and mentoring. 

3.     The student leaders

  •  The student leaders serving in BTQ will sharpen their leadership and business skills by playing a central role in the operation of the organization.



         Our goal as an organization is to connect students around Jacksonville with opportunities to gain experience, learn new skills, and show off their current
skills. Our website will serve as a conduit therough which the teens of Jacksonville can learn from and connect with professionals, mentor others, grow as leaders in their
communities, and generally learn to be more successful. BreakTheQuo aims to  connect students with all of the resources, educational opportunities, and information they need. 

How will we do this?


EQUIP by giving all students easy access to information and resources

  •  Compile a comprehensive list of local scholarships
  • Compile a comprehensive list of local internship opportunities


ENGAGE by giving students tools and opportunities to be informed and involved citizens

  • Conduct BreakTheIce, a series of interviews that will introduce youth to Jacksonville community leaders
  • Promote and aid in the creation of new local internships and volunteer opportunities
  • Brainstorm and organize programs to educate, inform, and connect students to local opportunities


EMPOWER by inspiring youth toward greater success and self-actualization

  • Give student leaders experience in running a website
  • Maintain a blog giving academic and professional advice to Jacksonville youth
  • Create opportunities for high school students to reach out to disadvantaged students